This page will be for resources for our Congregations, Clergy, and Lay Leaders.

People of Passion & Congregations Of Quality

If you identify as a person passionate about an area of ministry or mission or your congregation has quality mission in a particular area, please e-mail us at:

+ Churches Seeking Affiliation

For existing congregations seeking to affiliate with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

+ New Congregation Establishment

For individuals and groups either seeking to nurture and give birth to new congregations and communities of faith, as well as resources for new congregations already started:

+ Local Missions:

For help with establishing new mission work in your community:

Congregations doing vibrant mission:

Help with creating a 501(c)3 entity:

Connecting with related government services:

+ Global Missions:

For help with involvement in overseas ministries and mission:

For a list of existing missionaries: link


+ Pro-Reconcilation/Anti-Racism

For help in building your own program in your congregation or institution or for help in understanding the need for PR/AR work:


Books, Articles, Curriculum:

To schedule a visit with our Regional PR/AR Team:


Transformation & Leadership

Demographics and Neighborhood Assessment

Creative Building Use

Social Media

Online Giving

Hope Partnership

+ Campus Ministry

Existing Affiliated Ministries:

United Christian Ministry at University of Maryland

ARISE Campus Ministry at George Mason University

For Campus Ministries To become affiliated with the Capital Area: