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If you identify as a person passionate about an area of ministry or mission or your congregation has quality mission in a particular area, please e-mail us at:  To access the Resources page for the Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) go to:

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+ Disciples Of Christ - Who Are We? 

  • Identity Links
  • To request your Regional Minister offer on of these workshops, please e-mail him at
    • "What Good Is A Region?" - Understanding the mission and ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) Capital Area Region and how your congregation is such an important partner with us.
    • "I Know The Apostles, But Who Are These Disciples?" - A short course on who the Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) were historically, are now, and will be in the future to more fully live into the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century and beyond!

+ Congregations Yearning For Transformation

For existing congregations yearning for renewal, revitalization, and a new passion for mission

  • Resources from Hope Partnership For Missional Transformation
  • To request your Regional Minister offer on of these workshops, please e-mail him at
    • "Reclaiming Mission First" - All-too-often the church has primarily focused its time and energy on those who are already inside it's walls.  This workshop will begin a conversation about reimaging your mission and ministry to serve and inspire and engage those who live in your community.
    • "Ministry With The Rainbow Community" - What exactly do the letters LGBTQIA mean and how can a congregation understand, appreciate, honor, engage, and partner with God's diverse rainbow people to be faithful to Christ's call to "love your neighbor as you love yourself."

+ Churches Seeking Affiliation With The Disciples

For existing congregations seeking to affiliate with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

+ New Congregation Establishment

For individuals and groups either seeking to nurture and give birth to new congregations and communities of faith, as well as resources for new congregations already started:

+ Local Missions:

For help with establishing new mission work in your community

Congregations doing vibrant mission:

Help with creating a 501(c)3 entity:

Connecting with related government services:

+ Global Missions:

For help with involvement in overseas ministries and mission

+ Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism

For help in building your own program in your congregation or institution or for help in understanding the need for PR/AR work


Books, Articles, Curriculum:


+ Transformation & Leadership

Demographics and Neighborhood Assessment

Creative Building Use

Social Media

  • To schedule your Regional Minister for one of the following social media topics e-mail him at
    • "Social Media 101" - for newbies and "no-idea-at-all-bies" who want a simple introduction to the multitude of social media can enhance (or hinder) the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • "The Resurrection Will Be Tweeted!" - to look at strategies and perspectives on how social media can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the message of the church, and actually evangelizing new followers of Jesus Christ.
    • "Stewardship & Social Media" - offering some faithful 'best practices' in using digital giving and social media to undergird the ministry and mission of ministry of your church.

Online Giving

Hope Partnership

+ Campus Ministry

Existing Affiliated Ministries:

For Campus Ministries To become affiliated with the Capital Area, contact the Regional Minister:

+ Call To Ministry