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Scholarships:  Prior to Registering, Do you qualify?

Before starting to register for a 2019 CCCA Camp, Conference, or Retreat event, either by hardcopy or the new online registration system, click on the link below to see if your local congregation offers a Camper Scholarship and, if so, a description of the amount and any age or membership qualifications that they require be met to receive a Scholarship to help you pay for your Camper Fees.

Download List of Local CCCA Congregations and their internal Camper Scholarship Policy and Point of Contact for Camper Scholarships

Prior to completing the Camper Application Form(s) for you or your family, you need to contact your local congregation about its Local Congregation Camper Scholarship if one is listed in the above download document.  You can also contact the CCCA Regional Office ( regarding our Regional Camper Scholarship program.  You will need to receive the Local Congregation Camper Scholarship Code and/or the Regional Camper Scholarship Code in order to apply a Scholarship to the Camper Fee Balance due for your Camp event(s) when you register.

What You Need to Register for Camp

1. Find the right camp(s) for you! Read through the Camp Brochure / Fee Schedule

First, find out what events you are able and eligible to attend. Some Camp & Conference events are for youth in specific grades as of Fall 2019 (Early Elementary: Entering grades 1-3, Older Elementary: Entering grades 4-6, Jr. High/Middle School: Entering grades 7-9, High School: Entering grades 10-12 and June 2019 graduates). Some events are for whole families, older adults, young adults (ages 18-30), and so on. You can find a quick overview of each camp or conference and its requirements on our handy, downloadable Camps Brochure and Fee Schedule (PDF), so that you can easily work out how the various camps fit into you and your family's schedule.  

2. Determine if your local Congregation offers a Camper Scholarship.  Download the list of available Local Congregational Camper Scholarships.

If it looks like you might qualify for a Local Congregation Camper Scholarship, contact their Point of Contact and apply for the Scholarship prior to registering for a camp.  If your local congregation does not offer a scholarship to camp, or the scholarships is still insufficience, contact the CCCA Camp Registrar for a confidential CCCA Regional Camper Scholarship Application.  Once you have a Scholarship Code or you are not requesting a Scholarship or you have secured other funding, you can begin the registration process.

3. Get the Camper Application form(s) you need.  Either begin the online registration process or download the forms from this website.

Now that you have picked out the camps and conferences you want to attend, download the Summer Camp or Spring/Fall Camp Registration form (in PDF format). You will need to fill these forms out completely or complete the entire process, including Camp Registration, Medical Forms, and application of discounts and scholarships.  All our CCCA-operated Church Camps/Conferences/Retreats are open to the public.

4. If you register through, you may pay by credit or bank card.  If you are submitting hardcopy forms, you must mail your forms and payment check to the CCCA Regional Office, Attn: Camp Registrar, less any approved discounts and Scholarships.

You'll find the fees for the camp or conference you are attending in the Camps Brochure and Fee Schedule. Make out your check to the Christian Church Capital Area. Our address is 8814 Kensington Pkwy #208, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. Before sending, double check that your camper form and medical forms are filled out and signed.

If you have questions about filling out your form, do not hesitate to call the Regional Office - we'll be glad to walk you through the process. You can reach us Monday through Friday from 9-5 PM at 301-942-8266.

Finally, you can fax your forms in to the Regional Office to 240-558-4780…… but you will still need to also mail the signed original Camper registration form with your payment and/or your Scholarship Request Form.

5. Confirm your registration, and get ready for camp!

After you mail in your registration form, please wait a few business days for your registration and check to arrive. You can email the Regional Office via if you want confirmation that your registration has been received or you have questions about any part of the Camper registration process.  Those registering online through the website will receive confirmation from directly.

After your registration has been received, you will receive a welcome email or letter from the director of your camp in the weeks before it begins. You can also find other resources on this page below, such as suggested packing lists, directions to Camp Mary Mac or Bethany Beach, and camp scholarship applications.

If your resources are tight or you don't have enough money to afford the full camp fees, please go ahead and send in your registration form. Your church may be able to provide some part of the registration fee, and you may also send in a camp scholarship application for you or your child. Don't let tight resources keep you from spending time with God this summer!

In addition, if you would like to have your camper carpool with another church or family to Bethany Beach or Camp Mary Mac, please call the regional office (301-942-8266).

About the CCCA Camp Program

Our camp and conference program is geared toward providing opportunity for spiritual growth, Christian education, and fellowship.  Information on the camp events, locations, age groups, applications, and fees can be downloaded from the document menus at the top of this page.

Outdoor Ministries

Our Outdoor Ministries Committee hosts seasonal events for all ages. You can find retreats and weekends for youth, young adults, seniors, women, men, and families - all affordably priced and centered around deep spiritual growth, conversation, and community. You'll find the Camp & Conference schedule, registration packets, volunteer information, and other resources below.