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Camp & Conference

About the Program

Our camp and conference program is geared toward providing opportunity for spiritual growth, Christian education, and fellowship.

Outdoor Ministries

Our Outdoor Ministries program hosts seasonal events for all ages. You can find retreats and weekends for youth, young adults, seniors, women, men, and families - all affordably priced and centered around deep spiritual growth, conversation, and community. You'll find the Camp & Conference schedule, registration packets, volunteer information, and other resources below.

2014 Camp Schedule - See important update at bottom of this page

Watch for Updates here!

**New Alexander Campbell Hall will not be ready for July/August Camps and Conferences; Camp Capacity Limits Need to be Set for summer BB events; Register Early to avoid missing out on your Camp or Conference.**


See also the new articles posted in the documents/forms list about about Preparing Your Child for Christian Camp Experience and about the Five Values of Attending Church Camp from the Christian Camp and Conference Association.  We hope that you will find these articles useful. 


Spring Retreats and Events:
MM May 2-4 Discovery Retreat (Young families with Preschoolers)
BB May 18-21 Senior Adult Spring Conference
BB May 23-26 "Personal" Retreat - Individuals can spend a weekend with God at Bethany Beach rekindling your faith and refreshing your spirit. Small size Bible Study groups, Sunday School classes, New Member groups, & DWF/DMF groups are also very welcome to use this opportunity to build, grow, and plan. 
BB June 6-8 Disciple Women's Retreat (Register thru CCCA DWF directly)
Summer Camps, Conferences, Retreats, and Events:
BB June 19-22 Young Adult Conference (YAC)
MM June 20-22 Pioneer Camp
FYI June 25-29 Women's Quadrennial Assembly in Atlanta, GA
BB June 29-July 5 Family Camp 1
BB July 6-12 CYF Conference 1
MM July 6-12 Chi Rho Camp 1
MM July 13-19 Junior Camp
MM July 20-26 Chi Rho Camp 2
MM July 27-Aug 2 Created 2B Me Camp
BB July 27-Aug 2 CYF Conference 2
BB August 3-9 Family Camp 2
MM August 9 Corn Roast at Camp Mary Mac
Fall Retreats and Events:
BB Sept 2-5 Senior's Summer Conference
MM Oct 3-5 CYF /Chi Rho Fall Retreats
MM Oct 10-12 Young Adult Fall Retreat
BB Oct 10-13 Young Family Retreat - Young families with Preschoolers
FYI Oct 18 CCCA Regional Assembly (UMBC Catonsville MD)
BB Oct 24-26 Closing Weekend - Volunteers Needed
MM TBD Closing Weekend - Volunteers Needed
See the 2014 Camps Brochure and Fee Guide for event descriptions and age limits
BB - Bethany Beach Conference Center, Bethany Beach, DE
MM - Camp Mary Mac, Sharpsburg, MD


The Capital Area Region is blessed with two terrific camp and conference facilities. Whether you enjoy the beautiful beach and sun of Bethany Beach, Delaware or enjoy the quiet, rustic Camp Mary Mac, you'll find both sites provide a great experience for a church or organizational retreat. Check out the links below for more information on our camp sites, including information on how to book them for your own church or organization's retreat.

  • Bethany Beach Conference Center (Bethany Beach, DE)
  • Camp Mary Mac (Sharpsburg, MD)


Update on New Camper Capacity Limits for Events at Bethany Beach

Hey Campers.....we have good news and bads news.

The good news is that construction of the replacement for Campbell Hall is underway at the Conference Center, increasing our camp capacity for the future. Due to the weather delays, however, the new Alexander Campbell Hall dorm may not be open and available for Camps and Group Retreats until late-August. As such, the bad news is that we are faced with setting Camper capacity limits on the CCCA Camps & Conferences held at the Conference Center between April 1 and August 31, 2014.

Since we can only use Disciples House and Stone House during this 4+ month period, the maximum number of participants will be limited to 48 Campers and Counselors (combined) per Camp event. The Director of each CCCA Camp/Conference will set the limit on Camper Slots in balance with the required number of Counselor Slots for the age group of the event. Due to Fire Marshal-mandated safe occupancy limits, we are NOT permitted to add beds to the two buildings during this period.

Registration for all camps and conferences will, as always, be on a first-received/first-registered basis, so it is critical that you submit your Camper Registration Form and payment immediately. If you are a Senior in High School or a Camper nearing the age limit for YAC, please ACT NOW to avoid missing out on an important milestone in your spiritual life. Please do not delay, we want you to come to our Bethany Beach-based events. Early registration will secure a spot for you this camp season. You will be notified by the Regional Office that your Camp Registration has been accepted (You made it) or has been placed on a waiting list.

Registrations received after the capacity limit is reached for each camp or conference will be placed on a waiting list in order of Camper Registration Form arrival. If the new building is completed early, we will immediately start contacting those on the waiting list in order. Any fees submitted by Campers on the Waiting List will be refunded if the Camper is not able to be accommodated for that camp or conference event.

Updates on the construction progress will be posted on the CCCA Capital Campaign webpage and updates on the camp & conference program will be posted on the CCCA Camps webpage. Please check these pages on a regular basis.