Fall Adult Conference

September 3-6 at Bethany Beach

Why you should go:

  • A chance for great fellowship with other Capital Area Disciple Adults

  • The water is warm and the sun is shining for a great last chance at the Beach

  • Little traffic coming on Tuesday and going home on Friday

  • No mobs of kids around. They are all back in school.

  • Free time afternoons for swimming, shopping, and even card making crafts, travelogues of Canadian Rocky Mountains,

  • How can you go to the beach for 3 days with all meals provided for $180?

  • Great evening worship and messages with former Interim Regional Minister Bob Perry

  • Evening recreational activities, a talent show, and ice cream!!!

  • And finally:  A chance to learn more about Baptism and the Lord’s Supper with retired Hagerstown pastor Fred Harris!

What we will learn?

  • How do different denominations practice these two traditions of the church and why do we do things so differently?

  • What does the New Testament say about baptism and communion? Is that our guide?

  • Do the Old Testament and other ancient cultures foreshadow these practices of the church?

  • Why do Disciples and Catholics have communion every Sunday?

  • Why do Catholics tell other Christians they can’t take their communion?

  • How does history and culture effect what churches do?

  • What does the idea of the Priesthood of all Believers have to do with what we do?

Registration forms available from your church or the website:  cccadisciples.org/camps
Register Directly online at:  https://app.campdoc.com/register/ccca