Clergy Continuing Education Grants

The Christian Church Capital Area Minister’s Association encourages all clergy, ordained and commissioned, active and retired, to engage in life-long learning.

The Christian Church Capital Area Ministers’ Association oversees the Region’s clergy continuing education grant program. Monies for this fund come from the Chase Memorial Fund via the Bethesda Christian Church Fund, the Flinn Memorial Fund given by the family of Gerald Flinn, and the Baker Fund donated by Frank Baker, Member of Christian Temple.

Grant Guidelines:

We are pleased to provide some funding for ongoing learning opportunities for our clergy. Here are some guidelines, but please download and read the entire Continuing Education Grant Flyer.

  • Commissioned or Ordained Clergy

  • Must be in good standing

  • Must have paid their Minister’s Association Dues previous 12 months.

  • Only 1 request per two years

  • First come first serve (each year has a maximum of $2,000 given)

  • Application due at least 30 days before the event.

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