Miracles Happen In Regional Ministry!

Miracles happen every day in all our regions as we:

  • Assist congregations and leaders in claiming their unique mission and ministry, and provide resources and support.

  • Call, commission and ordain new pastors, and support and equip all pastors for their ministries.

  • Revitalize existing congregations and plan for new congregations.

  • Connect Regional Disciples to give witness to ministries of justice, hope, and compassion.

  • Provide camps, conferences, and retreats where children and youth find hope and Christ’s love and a community of faith that embraces “everyone.”

  • Make visible the care for all of God’s family through ministries of reconciliation and anti-racism.

  • Call and equip passionate leaders for today’s church.

  • Provide pastoral care for clergy and congregations.

The Christmas Special Day offering supports all of these and many other ministries of our regions.  We are inviting congregations to receive this offering December 10 and December 17.  100% of all gifts receive in Christian Church Capital Area congregations will come back to the Christian Church Capital Area Region.  You can find lots of resources to help your church understand and promote this important offering by going online to:   http://disciplesmissionfund.org/special-offerings/christmas-offering/

Your generous gifts make a difference!