Letter from CCCA Commission for Camps and Conference regarding changes to the Camps Application Process.  All campers and families should read this letter.

Built into all 2018 CCCA Camper Application Forms and the online Camper Registration system are the Camper Medical/Health Profile forms which must be completed as part of the registration process.

Revised Camp Application FormsEffective March 2017, a separate Camp Application and set of Medical Forms must be submitted for each Camper regardless of age, including each individual attending Family Camps and other multi-generational camps/retreats as a family group.  This represents part of a major upgrade of our Camper Registration Process and Medical/Health History Questionnaire.  The new required Medical / Health History Forms are a scaled-down version of the Medical Forms recommended by the American Camping Association and are similar in scope and detail to those used nationwide by Scout and YMCA camps.  All forms are safeguarded by the CCCA and the Camp Event Directors and their staff members. 

These two new Medical / Health History Forms (#1 and #2) are designed 1) to assist Event Directors in planning activities suitable to Campers’ abilities and for safer on-site medication distribution, 2) to prepare Event Directors and Counselors to assist Campers with special needs, 3) to assist the camp/center staff to prepare menus to meet growing food allergy issues, and 4) to facilitate emergency responses (if needed).  This information is used solely for the safety of the Camper and other participants of the camp.  Please note that: 

The Immunization History section of Medical Form #1 is now only required for Campers who are age 18 or younger.   

Health Form #2, which is signed by a medical professional, is needed only when a Camper is now or will likely be under active treatment by a Physician, Psychologist, Social Worker, Pastoral Counselor, or other Therapist at the start of the camp event.  It is critical that the CCCA Camp Director know if a Camper has a condition that could become critical during the camp period (e.g., heart condition, asthma, infection) or other illness that can impact the safety of other campers if not properly monitored by the Camper and the Staff working together.

**New**   Medical Services Authorization Form for Minor Age Campers Added:
We have been informed that some MD and DE urgent care facilities and hospitals will not provide health care services, as described in the form, to a Camper under the age of 18 years without an actual black or blue “INK” signature of the custodial parent or guardian on this type of Medical Services Authorization Form.  Without a signature in actual ink, the urgent care facility or hospital may choose to perform only lifesaving care, but not provide routine care for an accident or illness that might occur during any camp setting.  If one of your family members is attending a CCCA camp event and will still be under the age of 18 when camp starts, please download and "mail" a signed copy of the form to our Camp Registrar prior to the start of the camp.  It needs to be signed in "ink" and not with a digital or digitized signature.