2019 Capital Area Clergy Standing Renewal Form (English)

January 15, 2019

ATTENTION: All Ordained and Commissioned CCCA Clergy

You presently have standing or are seeking standing in the Order of Ministry in the Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) Capital Area.  Please fill out this form and submit it to the Regional Office by February 15, 2018 if you wish to apply to retain standing.  If you do not wish to maintain standing, please call the Regional Minister.  (Fields with * are required)

Standing – What’s it Worth? 

All members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are understood to have a ministry.  It is part of their vocation, the result of committing to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  But some are set apart for service to the church, either as ordained or commissioned clergy.

Standing in the Order of Ministry in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) affirms that the ordained or commissioned minister is engaged in or has retired from the practice of ministry.  Standing calls clergy to a continuing accountability to the whole Church through a Commission for Ministry.  They are to meet that standard in serving a congregation, organization, related-institution, ecumenical or interfaith agency, region or general unit of the Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ)

In the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Capital Area, clergy are invited to apply for standing each year.  The Commission for Ministry considers those applications and grants standing for the following year.

+ Re: Membership In A Disciples Of Christ Congregation:

Disciples Policy and Criteria has always required membership in a Disciples of Christ congregation, presuming one was nearby, in order to maintain Standing. 

If you are actively serving a United Church of Christ congregation, then you should apply for Partnership status with the UCC (most Conferences/Associations require it).  If you are actively serving another denomination or in a non-congregational setting, it will need to maintain an associate membership in a DOC congregation to maintain Standing.

For retired Disciple clergy, it depends on what one means by “retired.”  If you are retired for pension purposes but still actively serving some form of ministry, you are required to follow the same standards as if you were not “retired” and have a membership in a Disciples of Christ congregation.  If you are retired and not actively serving a ministry setting, then we simply recommend a connection with a Disciples of Christ congregation and/or participation in the Capital Area Region.

So, what is Standing worth?

Ministers with standing for 2018 in the Capital Area:

  •        Covenant to accept accountability to a high standard of ministerial ethics

  •        Have recognition by peers of their ministerial gifts

  •        Can access the Ministerial Crisis Fund for emergency financial assistance

  •        Can access the Ministers’ Association Clergy Continuing Education Grant program

  •        Have voting privileges at the Capital Area Regional Assembly

  •        Have easier access to the civil authorities in achieving recognition for the purpose of celebrating weddings

  •        Have access to the Search and Call process of the General Church if ordained and access to the Capital Area Search and Call Process if commissioned.

  •        If commissioned, have access to the Apprentice Track to Ordination

  •        Have privilege of call as Ordained Ministerial Partner with Standing (UCC)

  •        Have listing in the most current Year Book and Directory of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

  •        Have voting privileges at the General Assembly

  •        Have fulfilled one of the IRS requirement for clergy recognition to receive benefits and clergy deductions